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Thank you to all our customers, you are all like Family to us!

"Best spot west of the Mississippi. The family that owns this deli are wonderful people. I come here at least 3 days a week and I'm never disappointed!" Giuseppe C. ~ Yelp Review

"One of my favorite place for breakfast in downtown! Located in the 3rd floor of Wells Fargo building. It's local, quiet and got very good breakfast. Their eggs muffin is popular, but what I also like is the breakfast burrito! It's so tasty. It is small by the way, so you have to get a chips or any side with it. If you go there try to set outside in the patio..just enjoy the view. Fair prices, good food, excellent location." Yousuf M. ~ Yelp Review

"A fantastic deli located on the 3rd floor of the WellsFargo building in the business district of Sunny San Diego!! 401 B st ... It's a great small Deli that offers an array of delicious items. I usually find myself there in the morning for an 'Eye Opener' with Bacon. It is fantastic and will beat anything Starbucks has on the menu, that's how I compare something fast first thing in the morning. You know, not a sit down.

I do find myself at Starbucks for a coffee, but nothing on the menu....Even the Double Smoked Bacon Cheddar and Egg Sandwich...... One I prefer, doesn't compete with the delicious 'Eye Opener'! I know, I'm raving about the breakfast menu, but they also offer a great lunch menu as well. I really suggest the Plaza sandwich, Turkey, Bacon, Provolone Cheese, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato & Mayo.

They do preorders if you want to call ahead. They also take big orders for company meeting in the conference room, etc. I really suggest this deli, but it's not like this place is a hidden gem or a secret. They have been around for 20 plus years, so you know......They are good!!" 
Frank D. ~ Yelp Review

"Nice family-owned business. The food is solid and they churn it out FAST -- a very important quality for a busy sandwich shop serving a large corporate lunch crowd. You generally won't wait more than 1-2 minutes for your sandwich to be prepared, even at peak hours. The owners and employees are all lovely courteous people who get to know their regulars.

Be advised, breakfast ends at 10 am SHARP. Don't show up at 10:01 expecting eggs, but they'll make you anything you want off the lunch menu. ;-)" Jacquelyn L. ~ Yelp Review

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"Every time I'm in downtown during lunch I hit Plaza Deli. The fastest sandwiches in the west. The sandwiches here are so good, like a better version of Board and brew.

I hadn't seen Cindy at the front in years and she remembered my face and is very personable. I always make the mistake of ordering two sandwiches. I eat the first one in like 2 seconds and get super full off the first bite of the second sandwich. God bless leftovers. Amen.

It's a hidden on the 3rd floor of the Wells Fargo Building but such a great find. I always get the number 13 (Turkey Sandwich) but the 12 (Egg salad sandwich) is always very delicious." Mason W. ~ Yelp Review

"Love this place. I'm so thankful they're in my building, but they're open to all! I told Jasmine my name once and she has never forgotten it. She knows just about everyone's name and she is so wonderful to order from. The guys in the kitchen are all wonderful too! The food comes out perfect, fast, and is so reasonably-priced. =]" Jack C. ~ Yelp Review

"Love this place!! Food is great but it's the people who truly make this place special. So sad I didn't discover it sooner. As long as it is here and I work downtown I will be a loyal customer. Thanks guys for the great food and awesome service!!" Kathleen C. ~ Yelp Review

"This place is my jam! First let me start by saying that I don't usually dine out for lunch but when I do, I hit this deli. It's conveniently located in my building and I have NEVER been disappointed. They are a well-oiled machine and ordering by number is no accident - they move a lot of people through those doors everyday. Breakfast game on point. Lunch options like subs, salads, soups and baked potatoes & other specialty baked dishes on point. (There was an eggplant parm sammie advertised the other day - saw one coming out - OMFG) Plus their chip/munchie selection is impressive. Ingredients are fresh and the owners treat everyone like family. Lots of seating and super swanky places to eat in larger groups outside if you need to get your vitamin D on. They will remember your name and your order and details about you that makes you feel like you're not only getting a good deal with totally reasonably priced grub, but that you're family as well.

Stop by Brew Street for a coffee and a pastry right outside their doors - another spot in the family business. I just used both Plaza Deli & Brew Street to cater an all-day corporate event and they knocked it outta the park, for real. They did it last minute, it was delicious, large portions and for less than a big box deli. I can't think of one area they could improve on for this amazing family and establishment. Keep up the delish grub!" Nina S. ~ Yelp Review

"One of the best deli's in Downtown San Diego located is in an unlikely location, the 3rd floor of the Wells Fargo Building.

The sandwiches are reasonably priced and come out literally 10 seconds after you order. The owners treat everyone like family and even remember your name.

I've tried a handful of their sandwiches but once I got "#30 The Executive", I never looked back. Bacon, Avocado, Ham, Swiss Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, & Mayo. I always get it on sourdough too.

Plenty of seating and they also have an outdoor patio so you can enjoy the weather.

If you work downtown and looking for a quick lunch, this is the spot." Ramil L. ~ Yelp Review

"About five years ago I attended the barber school on Fifth St three blocks from Wells Fargo building. My fellow barbers schooled me to Plaza Deli. At least twice per week I'd get to school early so I could walk down & get a breakfast burrito. PD has The BEST BB I've ever had, hands down. The bacon is thoroughly cooked and crispy, most places are too lazy to do this. Texture is important, and the eggs are also spot on.

I live in OB & if I wake up at 6/6:30 & I'm starving I drive downtown, park in Ace lot on Fifth (cuz there's still space only cuz it's early enough) & walk down to PD for a BB. There are LOTS of BBs in town; Nico's on Newport does a good job... but PD is the best. I'm willing to make a 40min round trip for a PD BB. Now, to save time & avoid the walk, I park & get one of those dumba** ubiquitous scooters & fly down the hill & back. And I'm 60 & probably look like a tool doing it, but I gots to gets my BB fix, bro. The BB at PD are THAT GOOD. And if they fold the bag to create a little handle, I taught them that!"
Lane K. ~ Yelp Review

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